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A love of nature and all its creations gave birth to a passion for beer, which the Giuman brothers and the brewer Federico Casarin decided to turn from a simple hobby to a real job (2008/2012).

'Doge' brewery's main values include attention to quality, meticulous selection of raw materials, use of source water, deep passion and a desire to impress. This is the foundation for ensuring a great beer with a pleasant taste at every sip.

With production headquarters located in Zero Branco (Treviso) and with a young and close-knit team, 'Doge' brewery will make you fall further in love with a beverage which has thousands of years of history on his shoulders.

An Italian-crafted German beer

Birrificio del Doge takes painstaking care over its beer. We choose only the highest quality ingredients, which we then blend with local spring water. This combination ensures that our finished products are as light as German beers, making them suitable for every palate. Each Birrificio del Doge beer has its own personal style. Each one is a unique blend of different malts and hops based on a traditional recipe, which is then interpreted by our master brewer to cater for the latest tastes and to adjust to water hardness.

Birrificio del Doge produces six types of craft beers: a light, spicy Blanche; a strong-flavoured fruity herbal Pale Ale; an amber Vienna Lager made with toasted caramelised malts; a Weizen with triumphantly yeasty aromas and flavours; an unmistakeable citrusy American Pale Ale; and a Marzen with aromas of grassy meadows.

“We do not bottle-condition our beer, but decant the yeast, which affords Doge’s Brewery beer its hallmark clarity.”


Zero Branco sits upon the verdant expanses of the Paduan plain between the cities of Venice and Treviso. The local landscape is characterised by a striking natural beauty and a network of waterways, including the River Zero, which is named after the town. Zero Branco is also the source of the river, which flows through its town square. Its borders with neighbouring towns are marked by the River Sile. Zero Branco was once full of quarries, which filled with water to form small lakes.

This typical feature means that Birrificio del Doge (Doge’s Brewery) beer is made from only the finest spring water. This pure, untreated water makes excellent hop beers with a pungent, bitter flavour, which our skilled master brewer has turned into the perfect accompaniment to sweet dishes, as well.

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